What is the Centercode GoEarly Program?

Learn about Centercode's pre-release feedback program in this helpful FAQ!

What is Centercode’s GoEarly Program?

Our updated deployment model provides a painless path for customers to access our imminent releases while increasing our ability to respond to your feedback, making it easier and more valuable for you to explore upcoming changes.

If you choose to participate in GoEarly, you can expect the usual high-quality support and involvement from the Centercode team and enjoy a risk-free demo site prepared with fake users and data for validating pre-production code. Within the GoEarly project, we coordinate an experience and feature focused test using our best practices and features while you evaluate upcoming features in a pre-release state.

Why should we join the GoEarly Program?

Centercode’s GoEarly Program offers a significant opportunity to influence upcoming feature development in the short-term. Members of the GoEarly Program will receive early access to features, collaborate with other GoEarly participants, provide feedback on function and implementation, and influence product design before any other customers. What's more, the GoEarly project provides a unique perspective into our best practices and how Centercode runs beta projects! 

What’s required to join?

All you need to do to join the GoEarly Program is to sign up! Since you'll be evaluating the prerelease code on a demo site, we'll get everything set up for you once you've applied. Check out https://goearly.centercode.com/goearly2024 to join the current GoEarly project.

What happens when we join?

Joining Centercode’s GoEarly Program means joining an ongoing program with designated phases of active testing. We'll keep you informed when new features are coming down the pipeline, typically every month. Emails will point you to the upcoming features and how to experience them in your demo site, and you'll have free access to submitting feedback in the GoEarly project.

A few key highlights of the program:

  • Tests will employ Centercode’s structured Delta methodology in a single continuous project.
  • For each monthly release, the first week of testing will focus on update-specific feedback, and subsequent weeks will facilitate ongoing feedback and discussion.
  • Regular weekly patches will continue to update GoEarly and Production sites so you won’t miss any bug fixes.
  • Feedback captured during the beta will shape Centercode's development -- we look forward to your contribution to the platform’s evolution.

We have a Stage environment in our subscription - can I use that instead of a demo site?

You sure can! Just let us know that's what you'd prefer and we'll get the migration queued up. We'll move your Stage environment over to the GoEarly infrastructure and refresh it so it's current. Once that's done, you'll be good to go!