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Browser extensions may affect how you interact with your Centercode implementation

Support chat, Conditional Elements, certain buttons, and Javascript may be disabled or hidden by your browser extensions.

This article applies to All editions.

If you notice that your Centercode implementation has lost support chat, Conditional Elements, certain buttons, or Javascript, it's most likely not an issue that's site-wide but local to your computer. It may be due to your browser's extensions, most often adblocking extensions like uBlock and Adblock.

If you're unable to disable the specific offending extension or if you're unsure that it's a browser extension causing your issue, you can log into your Centercode implementation through your browser's incognito mode (or similar) to check. Incognito or Private modes generally disable your browser's extensions. 

Since there are hundreds of thousands of browser extensions possible per internet browser, we're unable to support any extensions regarding site interaction.