Delta Engagement Agreement

Details of individual participation requirements for active Delta testing phases

The Centercode Delta Program utilizes the same process framework and best practices that we’ve developed from over a decade of Customer Validation testing. Just as we collect feedback on customer products by exposing testers to product features and experiences via guided Activities and Satisfaction Surveys, we ask Delta Program participants to provide feedback on a similar cadence and an identical framework. This Engagement Agreement serves to level-set our processes and expectations for customer involvement in our Delta Program. The following Delta Program Engagement Agreement notes the standard requirements for ongoing participation in the Delta Program.

Platform Migration

Engagement in the Delta Program requires that the Centercode site you select to join the Delta Program (i.e. your production site or your staging site (if you have ordered one)) be updated to pre-release Delta code. To accomplish this, your site may need to be migrated to specific Delta infrastructure. The effects of this migration include:

  • Approximately 30 minutes of downtime, typically on weekday evenings
  • An updated infrastructure IP address (may affect integrations, does not affect SPF/DMARC)
  • Same level of AWS infrastructure

Due to the changes in the code and potential migration of existing resources to new functionality, your Centercode site will need to remain on this Delta infrastructure (and therefore pre-production codebase) throughout the Delta project. Delta code cannot be rolled back mid-stream. Once Delta and Production code branches converge (Delta code is put into production and your site is updated to standard, released code), you may opt-out of the Delta Program and can be migrated off of Delta infrastructure.

Administrator Account Registration

At the onset of an active Delta project, Centercode will establish a dedicated Delta project in its Delta Program Platform in order to disseminate test-relevant information and collect your feedback. Centercode will invite platform administrators to join this project. Engagement from administrator level users of your platform is essential to collecting customer feedback. As such, you must have at least one administrator account signed up and engaged within the Delta project of Centercode’s Delta Program Platform. Administrators signing up as Delta participants should:

  • Follow Onboarding instructions to register their accounts on the Delta Program Platform
  • Use a company / business email address
  • Register in advance of the start date for the upcoming Delta project

Pre-Release SLA

Joining the Delta Program includes updating your selected Centercode Platform environment to pre-production code. As such, a modified Service Level Agreement, the Delta SLA, applies relative to that selected Delta Centercode Platform site. The Delta SLA varies from our regular SLA in a few ways:

  • The monthly uptime guarantee is 99.8% (rather than 99.9%)
  • Centercode Platform errors, response times and resolution times are modified as described in the “Centercode Platform Errors” and “Technical Support” sections of the Delta SLA
  • We ask that during active Delta projects, your Delta participants provide issues, events, and feedback to Centercode through the Delta Program Platform in addition to seeking technical support through regular methods 

Active Delta Project Engagement

Delta Program participants are required to engage in the Delta project on at least a weekly basis. For each Delta project, this engagement is divided into five key components: 

  • Once: Agree to the Delta Test Participant and Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Weekly: Complete simple Activities designed to expose users to features and experiences
  • Weekly: Complete short Surveys designed to capture feature or experience sentiment 
  • Ad Hoc: Submit Issues, Ideas, and/or Praise as you come across appropriate experiences
  • Ad Hoc: Be responsive and collaborative with the Centercode team 

Continued engagement through the above methods is evaluated during and at the conclusion of each Delta project. Centercode reserves the right to terminate or modify the Delta Program or terminate your site’s involvement in the Delta Program at any point, at which time we will work with you to migrate your site off of the Delta infrastructure and back to the standard release code and update cadence.

Opting Out

If you choose to opt-out of the Delta Program, your site will be removed from the Delta Program as soon as your platform codebase aligns with the current production release version.