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Simple Guide to External Feedback

External Feedback allows you to receive feedback from third-party systems into your Centercode portal. You’ll build on existing Feedback Workflows and tie new feedback to existing submitters or select a default submitter, anonymizing feedback that isn’t associated with a current tester account. 

Note that while Centercode’s integration features are intended to be approachable by a Customer Validation Professional, you might need to enlist help from an internal technical resource and refer to our vocabulary and troubleshooting documentation .

Common use cases for External Feedback

  • Allow mobile app to submit a crash report feedback on behalf of its user(s)
  • Allow an online help form or other external system to send feedback into Centercode

Prerequisite criteria 

  • Enhanced Integrations enabled  
  • Community-level API Key (click here)
  • Project Manager access

Creating your External Feedback within Centercode

External Feedback is located within your Feedback Type’s settings. To begin, you’ll need to navigate to the External Sources section of your desired Feedback type.  

From your Project homepage:

  1. Click Project Tools
  2. Click Feedback
  3. Hover over your desired Feedback Type & click Modify
  4. Click External Sources
  5. Click Create an External Source

You’re now at the External Feedback creation screen. At this point, technical help may be necessary - please work with a developer (and/or Centercode).

From the External Feedback creation page:

  1. Create an (internally-facing) Name
  2. Provide a simple Key to help identify this External Feedback Source
  3. Select the appropriate Workflow state for new feedback created via this source (typically “New”)
  4. Picking No Selection here will mark the Status parameter as required
  5. Select Default Submitter for new feedback from this source
  6. Leaving this field blank will mark the Submitter parameter as required, matching on email address
  7. Configure your Incoming Fields, mapping the Centercode Field with their matching incoming Parameters
  8. Select your API key
  9. Copy / Save your API Endpoint URL
  10. Click Submit

You’ve just configured your External Feedback Source!


  • Incoming Fields map “key value pairs” defined in a third-party system to the Centercode feedback form
  • Single Choice, Multiple Choice, and Rating Scale values passed to Centercode must match the selection options on the Feedback Form exactly 
  • The Workflow section leverages the existing Workflow configured for your Feedback Type
  • When External Feedback is created without an otherwise matching Submitter, it is attributed to the Default Submitter, which is an existing user account of your choosing.
  • Advanced Options allow you to decide if your External Feedback should but subject to existing Feedback Automation, Workflow, or External Destination triggers
  • Please note that when sending a Post request to your Centercode API endpoint, the JSON body must be JSON encoded.