C9.4 Patch 3 Notes

C9.4 Patch 3 will be applied over the coming weeks to live servers starting tonight (3/12). This Patch contains a few heavily requested enhancements to Centercode, as well as some additional bug fixes and string cleanup.

Removal of Secret Question and Answer

Reasons for removal of this feature:

  • With the rise of social networks and public information, secret Q&A often acted as a backdoor to provide credentials which were unarguably less secure than a real password.
  • In an effort to further increase security, we had previously implemented a complete E-mail verification process for all users of Centercode. This process has replaced secret Q&A functionality in most contemporary software, as E-mail account security is heavily protected by users.
  • Our customers have overwhelmingly requested that this feature be removed due to the amount of confusion it can lead to - and thus additional manual support requirements.

With this change, we will be removing all existing stored Secret Q&A data on customer sites. Users will no longer be asked to provide a Secret Question and Answer pair when creating an account, simplifying the account creation process as a whole. When retrieving a Password or Username (our unique identifiers), E-mail address will be used for verification purposes now. Password resets will still occur within our system, and Centercode passwords will NEVER be sent via E-mail.

Feedback One-Time Modify for Submitter

This feature will allow for Feedback Types that never have to pass ownership to a Feedback submitter in order to collect additional information from them or ask for a screenshot. This has been a heavily requested feature from our customers, and this change will allow us to meet this need.

Now, whenever a comment is added to a Comment Block element on a feedback form, and "Submitter" is checked for notification (by someone other than the submitter), an option to send the Feedback over to the submitter for a one-time modification can be enabled. This will allow the submitter to modify any element on the form as if they were submitting it again.

A typical use case, with more details, can be found via the following link.

Example of Usage

Additional Minor Improvements

  • File Download Logs now contain an E-mail address column, and can be downloaded as .csv data via a new action link.
  • Reporting Elements that contain no data will now display an appropriate message, regardless of Element Type.
  • Layout of the Community Tools section has been reorganized into three sections (as well as an improved layout for the corresponding left-hand menu).
  • Additional cleanup and improvement to some base strings throughout Centercode (this will not affect these strings if you have customized them for your implementation of Centercode).

Bug Fixes

C9.4 Patch 3 Bug Fixes

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