C9 Release Notes

Connect 9 is a major step forward for Connect including Localization, Customizable Themes, and greatly enhanced reporting capabilities.

Major Highlights

  • String Sets - Complete Localization Capabilities, as well as customization of 8,500+ Strings in Connect
  • Visual Themes - Apply Unique Colors, Logos, and Browser Bookmark Icons (favicons) to Basic Layouts
  • Open Opportunities - Offer your Community RSS Feeds of Open Project Recruitments

Enhanced Reporting

  • Geographic Reporting - 180+ Geographic Maps to chart User or Feedback Data
  • New Reporting Charts - Pie, Pyramid, Area, Line, Bar, Column, etc.
  • Chart Themes - Charts may be set to one of three visual themes (more to come)
  • Report Auto-Generation - Reports may now be scheduled to auto-generate at specific periods
  • Reporting Widgets - Display data in widgets such as gauges and linear LEDs
  • Report Embedding - Embed Charts or Widgets in other areas of Connect or other sites entirely
  • Instant Report Export - Right-Click charts to capture CSV data for use in Excel, etc.
  • Drill-Down Reporting - Drill into User or Feedback Data
  • Report Histories - View Snapshots of previously Saved or Generated Reports
  • Inline E-Mail Report Distribution - Distribute Reports as HTML E-mail (rather than PDF)
  • Hour-Specific Distributing/Generating - Reports may now be set to distribute at a specific hour of the day
  • Spreadsheet Top X Limiting - Spreadsheet Reports may be limited to a specific number of rows

Other New Features

  • New Upload UI - Simpler Upload interface no longer requires leaving the primary page
  • Out of Process E-mail - Much more reliable mass E-mail system
  • Survey Instance Reset - Reset an individual Survey Instance (allowing a user to retake their Survey)
  • Optimizations - All Themes and HTML has been further optimized for ~15% faster page downloads

Complete Release Notes

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