C12 Patch 6 Notes

Season's Greetings from Irvine, California! C12 customers have been updated with the sixth patch to C12 (08/Dec/2016)! We've been working hard digesting big meals and squashing bugs in code - we've got a few big usability updates in this patch, and a ton of interface fixes. While we're continually hammering out kinks on the way to the next big thing, here are the most special snowflakes:

  • Customize your Quick Invite email with new dynamic "name" strings for your Project (:projectname:), Community (:communityname:), and Company (:companyname:).
  • Save time when generating Reports by editing your Macro Report's elements prior to saving (and processing) the whole report.
  • Check out any of your email templates before you send them using the Email Me a Preview link (now extended to Onboarding).
  • Feedback Cloning now properly copies all aspects of your feedback types (now including Element Level Access)!  
  • ...plus a bunch of other improvements and bug fixes!

Check out the complete Patch Notes using the button below - 

Check out the complete C12 Patch History, including the detailed list for Patch 6, here.

We're always looking for great new ideas to improve Centercode's capabilities. If you have more feedback, suggestions, or questions regarding these changes, reach out using the in-site chat or help@centercode.com!

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