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I'm assuming a user. Why can't I see Notices? Why can't I see surveys on the left-hand menu?

Assuming a user bypasses their Notices.

Why can't I see Notices?

A Notice is a setting in each resource type that can be toggled on or off for the team(s) of your choice via the Team Access block. When the Notice box is checked on, the team(s) selected will be presented with the resource you’ve configured. 

Using the Assume function to assume a user's account shows you the user's view of your Centercode implementation and bypasses all of the user's Notices, by design

Bypassing Notices allows you to not invalidate a user's experience, as Notices are typically set to be completed only once. 

Why can't I see surveys on the left-hand menu?

If you're finding that users aren't seeing your Survey on the Community or Project's left-hand menu:

  1. Ensure access is appropriate in the Project's settings
  2. Important: Surveys set as a Notice do not appear on the user's left-hand menu
  3. Ensure that the user did not already complete the Survey. This can easily be done by checking the user's summary via the search bar.