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The Quick Invite feature exists to swiftly bring users into your portal on the fly. You’re able to access Quick Invite anywhere within your Community and Project at the top right of your page, next to the Knowledge Base search bar. 

When using Quick Invite, you’re able to add users Via an Opportunity or Via Teams by sending out an immediate email invitation, putting users in a Opportunity Pool to be invited at a later time, or even fully converting existing Community users into your Project.

When to Use Quick Invite

Onboarding is extremely effective at managing recruitment efforts and inviting users to join your portal in groups, allowing you to track which invite campaigns were most successful, it may not be the ideal tool for inviting just a few individuals into your portal. This is where Quick Invite comes in! As mentioned above, Quick Invite allows you to invite users into your Community or Project on the fly. Need to add a few internal members without all the bells and whistles of an Opportunity? No problem! Forgot to include a few tester candidates or need just a couple more invitees, and you do want them to have the full Onboarding experience? Quick invite can handle this as well.

What Can Quick Invite do?

As Opportunities bring an array of deep features, Quick Invite simplifies the process while still leveraging powerful Onboarding features. As we continue to iterate on Quick Invite’s feature set and UI, the following capabilities are considered the most advantageous and efficient.

  • Lookup by Name - Do you need to add someone to your Project but can’t remember their exact email address? Identify existing Community users by their name, partial email address, or username. The search will show the closest match(es) for you to select.
  • Auto Convert Existing Users - If you have some existing community users (especially internal support accounts) that need to be added to your Project ASAP, utilize “Convert Existing Users to Project Automatically” to bring users into your Project sans email.
  • Cookie Your Preferences by Project - For the Quick Invite experience to be truly quick, your previous invite configuration is saved via cookies for each individual Project. 
  • Hold Users in a Pool - If you have a few users you’d like to invite into your portal but want to send them a truly customized email, you can check the “Suppress Invitation Email” check box to add them to a Opportunity Pool. From the Opportunity Pool, you’ll be able to send a customized email whenever you’re ready.
  • Dynamic Strings - Customize your Quick Invite email with new dynamic "name" strings for your Project (:projectname:), Community (:communityname:), and Company (:companyname:).

Quick Invite Example

You just started up a Project and you need to get your Beta Support team of 5 members into your portal so they can assist with triaging feedback as soon as possible. Generally these internal members are aware of your Project and are not going to need to interact with all the content that comes with a full Opportunity. Add your Beta Support team quickly to your Project using Quick Invite via Teams.

Let’s address the scenario described above via Quick Invite:

  1. Click the Quick Invite icon in navigation bar on any page in your Project.
  2. Enter in the Email Addresses of the users you’d like to invite or select Lookup by Name to lookup their pre-existing Community account.
  3. Click on the Via Teams option and choose the appropriate destination team(s).
  4. Select a New Community Source option from the New Community Users will be Onboarding via drop down.a) Beta Support members should likely be Internal accounts, so look for an Internal or Employee Sign-Up option from the list.
  5. (Optional) Click Use Custom Message to adjust the  message included in your invitation email.
  6. (Optional) Click Suppress Invitation Email to add users to a Opportunity Pool to be emailed later. Use this option if you want to send a customized email at a later time.
  7. (Optional) Click Convert Existing Users to Project Automatically if you’d like to fully convert these users to your Project with an invitation.
  8. Click Send Invite.

“What if I forgot to add a Beta Tester to my Project when recruiting, and I need them to see my Opportunity?” Quick Invite can handle that just as easily and your user will still get the full experience of your Opportunity. Utilize the same steps as above but click on “Via Opportunity” in step #3. For simplicity, if you only have one Opportunity, it will default to that one. If you have multiple Opportunities, you’ll be presented with a menu to select your choice.


You’ll find that Quick Invite is the best way to rapidly invite users to your Community or Project,  ideally used when you need to invite just a few users to your portal, such as your internal team, fellow managers, or overlooked testers. The ability to quickly invite users via your Opportunities or via a specific Team covers all your invitation needs and works to save you time. If you run into any issues, please let us know! We’d be happy to guide you through when and how best to use Quick Invite and address any other questions you may have. Schedule a call with us here .


  • The layer of the portal that you’re on when clicking on the Quick Invite button (i.e. Community or Project) will be the layer of the portal the user will be invited to.
  • In order to utilize the Convert Existing Users to Project Automatically option to fully convert users into a Project without sending an invitation email users must already be an existing member in your Community.
  • If you only have one Opportunity, the Via Opportunity button will default to the name of your one Opportunity. If you have multiple Opportunities, the button will remain Via Opportunity, and you’ll be able to select which Opportunity you’d like to use.
  • The Quick Invite feature is limited to only allow 100 users to be invited or converted upon each use.


  • This common error is the result of an email address already invited via Quick Invite. To bypass this, you’ll need to clear that address from the Quick Invite Source Pool. 
  •  Please note that utilizing Auto Convert will result in the same error unless email address is cleared from the Source Pool.
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