[Video Training] How To Set Up An Opportunity

Handle all the ways users join your Community or Project.

Onboarding is a set of connected tools that handle all of the ways users join your community or project. These tools have replaced Sign-Ups and Recruitments at both the Community and Project level of your portal. This system introduces a few key new concepts and features including:

  • Opportunities are highly customizable landing pages which place users on selected Team(s). The Platform includes both Community Opportunities (for new users; replacing Sign-ups) and Project Opportunities (to add existing users to projects; replacing Recruitments).
  • Sources represent where your users come from. They are attached to Opportunities as a means to attract people to your portal (e.g. a customized link or a list of email addresses). We've introduced a diverse set of Sources which cover enhanced versions of prior methods (e.g. Email List, Community Filter, URL), as well as entirely new oft-requested methods (e.g. Project Access via Community Team, QR code, Friend Referral).
  • User Pools act as a holding place for users who have been invited, but not yet joined your Community (re: Community Opportunities) or a project (re: Project Opportunities). Pools allow your to curate/nurture your candidates throughout their eventual conversion as active members into your Community or Project.

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