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How can users reply to feedback notification emails to leave comments to feedback? Email-Reply Integration for Feedback (via POP)

Allow users to email reply into feedback comments

This article concerns a technical Integration between Centercode and an internal system outside Centercode control. Assistance from your IT team may be required.

Centercode's Email Reply functionality allows Community Managers to set up a friction-free email-reply integration. Once enabled, Discussions allow replies to Follow Notifications to be made via email. This is intended to greatly reduce any friction of interacting within Centercode Discussions as well as increase the level of user participation.

Email Reply Integration is available in Centercode Impact Edition and to all Legacy customers but is not enabled by default. Utilizing Email Reply requires a request to enable this feature. If you would like to enable Email Topic/Reply, please email the details below to help@centercode.com or just start a conversation using the chat widget and we'll get it setup ASAP.

The information that we will need in order to assist you in setting this up will be the following:

  • POP server address *
  • Email address (POP inbox)
  • POP Username / Password
* This POP server must be accessible by our servers.
This may require changes to your Firewall and/or  IP White-list  rules.


    • This feature requires Centercode Impact Edition or equivalent
    • Replies must be made from the email address to which the notification was originally sent. Comment notifications can not be forwarded to another user or email address.
    • Replies must be made by clicking "Reply" within the user's email client. This causes the email client to add a specific "In-Reply-To" header to the resulting reply email and is used to relate the reply to the original post.
    • Once this Integration is configured for your site, you will notice a new email footer automatically included in Follow (and Subscription) Notification emails.
    • Centercode does not accept formatted replies. The platform will utilize copy that is provided in plain text format, including plain text sent alongside a formatted variant. For security reasons, if a plain text variant of this reply is not sent, Centercode will remove all formatting from the reply and utilize the remaining copy as the body of the resulting Comment.