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How do I customize Feedback Popularity Scoring?

You may customize the Popularity Scoring for a particular type of Feedback to better fit a scoring profile you want to achieve. When you modify these values, they will be recalculated immediately and be available in Filter/View results.

Click Here to view a video of the process designed to accompany the steps listed below:

From the Project Home Page:

  1. Click the Project Tools link in the left-hand menu.
  2. Click the Feedback Types button in the main body area.
  3. Click the table cell of the desired Feedback Type.
  4. Click the Feedback Collaboration Settings button in the main body area.
  5. Under Predictive/Duplicate Search Configuration, adjust the individual factor value for each popularity signal.
  6. Click the Submit button to confirm.

You have successfully customized Feedback Popularity Scoring.


  • Administrate Feedback Feedback Role
  • Enterprise/Impact Centercode Edition
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