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How can I use Frames within Centercode?

The text editor within Centercode has the capability of embedding many types of items directly into your implementation. We consider utilizing some of these capabilities advanced, and beyond typical use of Centercode. One such use with specific considerations is the use of Frames. Using the <iframe> tag allows you to embed other pages within your implementation wherever our text editor is found (Survey Elements, Feedback Elements, Content, etc.). The exact code and styling is up to you and your particular needs, but there are a few other considerations to keep in mind when configuring your frames.

  • The referenced (embedded) page must be SSL Secure to avoid security conflicts.
  • Within a frame, you cannot reference a Centercode implementation. Centercode does not allow itself to be embedded within other sites. In this case, simply link the page to open in a new window.
  • Using Dynamic Tags, a frame can function similar to HTTP Post. 

Beyond these details, there may be considerations to be made with the referenced page, as well. If you're unfamiliar with the particular configuration of the referenced webpage or with standard HTML, we recommend you contact your organization's web team.

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