What do the Basic Project Settings do?

Determines which department the Project will belong to within Centercode.

Project Name
The Project’s name will be visible to testers and used to identify the Project to those with appropriate access throughout Centercode’s UI.

Project Description
A description of the Project for internal identification and clarification.

Project Key
This key is automatically generated based on the Projects name, though it can be modified. It is used to identify the Project when configuring integrations.

Project Email Address
The default email address to be used for all emails coming from this Project.

The Visual Theme used within this Project. It determines the colors and logos.

String Set
The String Set governs the language and terminology throughout the Project.

Identify By
Determines whether users will be identified by their Username or Full Name when participating in this Project. Please note, this identification may be seen by other participants. For example, when submitting Feedback it will show either your Full Name or Username to those viewing the Feedback.