Ted Communication timing and frequency

When communicating with testers Ted is designed to maintain high levels of participation with already active testers and to encourage regular participation with testers whose engagement has been more sporadic.

This article applies to All editions.


How often does Ted email testers? 

This will primarily depend on the Smart engagement level selected in your project level Ted settings

Typical: During Engagement Phases Ted will send out one automated email per day to your testers. To determine how frequently to contact testers, Ted is designed to individually track each tester's “Energy Level”. Testers who log on frequently are determined to have a high “Energy Level” and will be contacted more frequently to encourage and maintain high levels of engagement.

Light: The "light" smart engagement setting is designed to focus Ted's communications on users who are considered to be falling behind during a phase and only contacting fully participating testers with critical issues. This is determined by how many features they have completed based on the current duration of the phase. Users who have completed less than 25%/50%/75% of the features at 25%/50%/75% through the phase are considered "low participation". During Engagement Phases on the "Light" setting Ted will only contact fully participating users with important updates such as phase date changes, new features added mid phase, etc. 

None: During Engagement Phases on the "None" setting Ted will only contact users with important updates triggered by you, such as phase date changes, new features added mid phase, etc. 

How is a tester’s Energy Level determined for the "Typical" engagement setting?

To calculate energy level Ted Averages each tester’s last 7 days of project activity (minutes spent in the project), and compares them with the activity of other testers to place them in one of five Energy Level brackets. 

Using the "Typical" smart engagement settings, Ted will email users based on the following criteria:

Energy level is measured for all team types except applicant and is a data point that can be added to views or filters. 


When does Ted contact testers?

Ted aims to message testers at the best possible time for engagement, and will adjust the time emails are sent to testers on an individual basis based on when they commonly access the test. Batches of messages are sent every 30 minutes throughout the day, and Ted will attempt to email testers during their individual ideal messaging windows (or as close as possible based on email queues and server load).

When a Project is new, behavioral data isn’t yet available. As a result, your product’s audience setting and their time zones are used to message testers between 6 am to 9 pm.

Initial Audience Ideal Messaging Windows: