Community Filter source

How do I target specific existing users to join my Project?


This article applies to Team and Legacy editions.

At the Project level, Community Filter allows you to target specific candidate criteria. Once you've determined the filter you plan to use to target existing Community users, the resultant list of candidates will be processed, and you’ll be provided with details about those accounts (existing, already in the project, Not Interested, Blacklisted, etc.). Once processed, you may approve, modify, or discard candidate lists as well as download the respective lists for follow-up or processing. Approved candidates are placed into an Opportunity Pool to be invited at will.

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To create a Community Filter:     

  1. Hover over the Opportunity and the + icon.
  2. Select Community Filter.
  3. Complete your Source Name and select your Filter criteria.
    1. Clicking “Check Filter” will run the filter you’ve set and display a number                     corresponding to matching accounts.
  4. Click Next   
  5. Select the groups you want to Approve, Discard the import, or Modify the  Filter with the buttons at the bottom of the page.