Email List Source

How to invite users from a list of email addresses


This article applies to Team and Legacy editions.

The Email List Source allows you to add email addresses to an Opportunity Pool (typed or copy-pasted from CSV) or by uploading an Excel spreadsheet. You may have multiple email addresses provided from marketing or a list of tried and true testers you would want to take part in your upcoming test. You can then monitor the various statuses of your potential users in this Opportunity Pool by clicking on the Moderate Candidates icon.


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To create an Email List:

     1. Hover over the Opportunity and the + icon

     2. Select Email List    
     3. Fill out Source Name    
     4. Paste email addresses or attach a CSV of emails
     5. Click Next at the bottom of the page
     6. Confirm your candidates

Once you’ve clicked Next, the platform process your emails and provides you with intel on the list - accounts which are pre-existing, completely new, previously indicated they're "Not Interested", and Blacklisted according to your Recruitment Limiting Filter (click here for more information). It's important to note that users will not be emailed at this time, but will instead be put into a Opportunity Pool to be emailed whenever you are ready.