Consumable Keys source in Recruiting

Distribute single-use keys to Recruit potential candidates

This article applies to All editions.

Centercode's Recruiting offers a unique Source type centered around providing single-use consumable Keys to be manually distributed to your potential candidates, as part of a reward campaign, at events, and more.

Keys can be downloaded to CSV for distribution and marked as available, delivered, or removed for tracking purposes. Key-holders can then navigate to your portal and enter their key on the login page.

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To create Consumable Keys:     

  1. Hover over the Opportunity and the + icon
  2. Select Consumable Keys   
  3. Fill out Source Name and number of keys
  4. Click Next to complete

You can moderate your keys by accessing the Opportunity Pool for your Keys -  hovering over the Opportunity or Source and clicking Moderate Keys. The Mark Delivered, Mark Available, Remove Keys, and Download Keys buttons at the bottom of the page affect all keys present on the page. Use the “Limit” text field to enter the number of keys you wish to affect. 


  • Providing consumable keys to participants in your tests (to be used as software keys, for example) is done using Distributed Values. You can find guidance on using Distributed Values within this article.