Community Onboarding via your Project

Understanding how Community Onboarding affects your Project - "Users will be Onboarded into Community via"

Defining Your Users' Community Path

When creating or editing a new Project Opportunity, the system requires the selection of a Community Source. Choosing your Community Onboarding Source via User Account Options will dictate the Community navigation path your users will take when joining your Project, homogenizing the Onboarding experience for all incoming users. Note that only the Community Sources that are enabled with "Use as Project Source" will be available Community pathways for Project Opportunities. 

Selecting the Community Source for Your Project Opportunity:

  1. Create a new Project Opportunity or edit an existing one.
  2. Locate the menu header “User Account Options” (shown above)
  3. Use the drop-down menu titled “Users will be Onboarded into Community Via” to select the Community Onboarding Source that is appropriate for your test.
  • If you're missing the dropdown, that indicates that your Community Onboarding tool has only one eligible Community Opportunity. This means your only eligible Community Opportunity will be used. If you require a different Community Onboarding experience, please create a new Community Opportunity and Dedicated URL Source. Dedicated URL must have "Use as Project Source enabled". 
  • The Community Onboarding Source you select will be associated with a Community Opportunity which determines which Community Team(s) users will be added to. The Community Team users are placed on then designates Community level access to resources such as Community Notices, Profiles, etc.
  • If you’re unsure which Community Onboarding Source/Opportunity is the correct choice for your Project Opportunity, head to the Community Onboarding page to view your Community Opportunities and the Team(s)/Notices set within each (or consult your Community Administrator if you lack access).

The End-User Experience

There are three distinct pathways that users can follow when accepting an invitation to your Project. 

  • When inviting completely NEW users to your Project:
    If you invite a user who is completely new to your portal directly into a Project, they will follow the path through the selected Community Source. They'll see the Community Landing Page and be added to the corresponding Community Team(s), thus interacting with all of the Notices (Content, Profiles, Surveys, etc.) that are configured for that team assignment. 
  • When inviting EXISTING users to your Project via a Community Opportunity they’ve not experienced:
    If you invite an existing Community user to a Project but your Project Opportunity utilizes a Community Source that the user has never experienced, they will follow the path through the selected Community Source and will see the Community Opportunity's Landing Page. They will be added to the corresponding Community Team(s), thus any Notices associated with the Team will become part of their Onboarding path. Note that if the user has already seen any of these Notices, they will not be presented to them again.
  • When inviting EXISTING users via a Community Opportunity they've already experienced:
    If you invite an existing Community user into a Project and your Project Opportunity utilizes a Community Source that the user has already experienced, they will skip all aspects of the selected Community Onboarding and navigate straight into the Project. 

To Sum Up...

Scalable, consistent, and reliable Onboarding as a first step is crucial to successful Customer Validation, ensuring that all of your users fill out the appropriate profiling forms, sign necessary agreements, and see any important messaging you may have. Selecting an appropriate Community Onboarding path associated with your Project Opportunity will ensure that all of your users have an appropriate onboarding path that starts with essential Community Profiling and messaging.  


  • All incoming users, new or existing, will onboard into your Project(s) via the Community Onboarding option selected in each Project Opportunity.
  • If you know you need to make adjustments to a particular Community Onboarding Opportunity or any Community Notices,  you’ll need Community Administrator access or to contact them with your request. 
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