C9.4 Patch 5 Notes

C9.4 Patch 5 will be releasing to live servers in the coming weeks (as scheduled between our support staff and our individual customers). This patch contains a number of changes focused on improving security, as well as some additional features for External Authentications (C9.4 Patch 4 was specific to this and was used only for certain customer implementations). Additional bug fixes or hot-fixes that have been applied between C9.4 Patch 3 and C9.4 Patch 5 are also included below in the notes.

Patch Features

  • Open ID External Authentication - Centercode now supports basic Open ID authentication. Centercode can be configured to provide a custom log-in page for use with an Open ID external authentication system. This also allows for the replacement of the Centercode log-in system for those who wish to only support Open ID. Additionally, this included some revisions and improvements to our web services, as well as changes to multiple areas of Centercode to allow for this custom configuration.
  • A new Team Activity Log is now available from within Team Management. This log will display movement actions of users added to a team, and show when a user has been removed from the Project or Community. The log includes who performed the action, and the date and time it was performed. This should help managers in cases where accidental removal of users has taken place, or simply help better keep track of the history of users on their teams. Click here for details.
  • User opt-out from Centercode can now only be performed if that user is not on an Active Project Team. Users that are on inactive project teams or not on teams in any projects can still opt-out of Centercode as usual (unless this feature is disabled on your system).
  • Trade Compliance Data Refresh - Trade Compliance has been updated with the latest global IP data. This is done periodically to keep the feature up-to-date and to ensure individuals from locations not allowed into your particular system are barred from entering.
  • EA Source ID (for systems utilizing external authentication configurations) and Consolidated Team Types have been added to Community level Views and Filters. Consolidated Team Types will allow Community Managers to Filter based on Team Type, which can be useful for keeping track of Team license caps, and managing other Internal staff limits. Click here for details.

Bug Fixes

C9.4 Patch 5 Bug Fixes

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