C9.4 Patch 2 Notes

C9.4 Patch 2 will be releasing to live servers on Nov-28th 2011 and will require no downtime. This patch contains numerous bug fixes and minor/visual changes that enhance and solidify the quality of our 9.4 Release of Connect.

Minor Improvements

  • An additional polish pass on spacing and visual layout of many pages throughout Connect.
  • Feedback Workflow External Destinations may now be associated with non-archived Statuses.
  • The Project Creation page has been simplified to now hide the Department, Theme, and String Set fields when only one of these items is available.
  • Data list tables throughout Connect have been modified to include soft rounded edges. Note that some custom branded themes do not include this change.
  • Trade Compliance IPs have been refreshed with the latest global changes.

Bug Fixes

C9.4 Patch 2 Bug Fixes

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