C9.3 Release Notes

C9.3 focuses on improving the performance of the Knowledge Base, while simplifying common administrative tasks for Project Managers. In addition we've introduced the capability to add simple file logging for files hosted outside of Connect (for example via Akamai CDN).

Revamped Knowledge Base

The Connect Knowledge Base has been revisited and greatly expanded in this release. In addition to increased performance for most queries (especially when only a specific area is searched), a new optional "Thorough Search" has been added, as well as multiple new Quick Searches (which query results in real-time as you type) for each of the resource areas. Please review the following printable Quick Reference Guide for an overview of the new capabilities of the Connect Knowledge Base.

Guide: Knowledge Base Quick Reference Guide

Improved Resource Access Control

Access control has been improved in this release with the introduction of new interactive icons that allow Administrators to easily add and remove access to Resources without leaving the primary Resource administration list pages.

Task: How do I control access to resources?

Important: We highly recommend that Administrators alter their process for removing access to Connect Resources via this new functionality, as opposed to the previous method of disabling resource access with the Active column check box. This method is faster and offers more granular control over Resources, while ensuring that resources are still available within administrative tools (Dashboards, Summaries, and Reports).

External File Download Logging

Content and Releases with externally linked files can now have logging enabled in order to track download attempts on these files (similar to existing logging for local file downloads).

Task: How do I Enable File Logging for an Externally Linked File?

Other Changes

  • Incomplete (unpublished) resources are now displayed in a new "Incomplete or Unpublished" area of the Project Manager Alerts section of the Project Homepage.

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

C9.3 Enhancements and Bug Fixes

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