C9.2 Patch Notes

C9.2's patch is primarily comprised of Bug Fixes, along with some back-end changes that smooth out the process of managing customer sites. Along with this patch comes the release of this new Centercode help site, and a better new customer experience via our Template (which can get a new Connect Manager up and running projects in no time!).

Some Global Tags have also been added that can be used in various places throughout Connect. [community], [project], [company], and [year] are now Tags that can be included in some common areas to insert the appropriate information. These can be used in:

Content - Body
Release - Body
External Copy (FAQ, TOS, etc.) - Title and Body.
E-Mail Template - Subject and Body.
Signups - Title, Subtitle, and Body.
Recruitments - Public facing text sections.

Finally, the Project Template tool within a project now allows Teams to be defaulted for the Project creator. This would allow you to place the Project creator on specific Teams, and then when that Project Template is cloned into another new Project, the creator would automatically be placed on to those Teams (an in the appropriate Workflows, for example).

Bug Fixes

C9.2 Bug Fixes

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