C9.1 Release Notes

C9.1 is a substantial new release which brings an entirely new tool, the highly collaborative Project Wikis, as well as substantial clean-up to the Project Manager toolset, including menu and toolset layout customization, a simpler Project Setup process, and substantial polish across all Project Tools (Tasks, Forums, Feedback, etc).

Major Highlights

  • Project Wikis - A new collaborative feedback module for Participants
  • Project Menu & Tool Revamp - More flexible and customizable Project Menu Tools
  • Simpler Project Creation - Streamlined project creation process
  • FTP Release/Content Upload - Project Managers may now upload releases via FTP
  • External Destination File Attachments - Connect now sends file attachments with Feedback

Other Changes

  • New Project Roles - Project Roles are now more consistent to match each Project Tool
  • Module Activities - Tools now split activities and related sections, highlighting useful features
  • Quick Report Links - Reportable areas now include links to create quick reports for that item
  • Disable Community Sign-Ups - Community Sign-ups may now be disabled at any time
  • Improved Rich Text Editing - The Rich Text Editor now offers improved pasting from MS Word, as well as proper tab ordering
  • Consistency Passes - We've cleaned up many strings, page titles, trail navigations, and success messages across Connect

Complete Release Notes

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