C9 Patch 6 Notes

C9.4 Patch 6 is a roll-up of all Hot Patches since Patch 5 was released, in addition to including a TON of security enhancements and improvements to make this latest Version of Centercode our most secure yet! The following notes detail the changes in this Patch, as well as changes that many of you already have in the form of Hot Patches to your systems.

Patch Notes

  • Many security enhancements have taken place from Patch 5 and Patch 6! Please clear your web browser cache and cookies if you are experiencing oddities with maintaining your session or with general site access (most customers should already be fine and not need to do this). In addition, some very specific fixes for Cross-Site Scripting vulnerabilities were rolled into this Patch as well (most customers already have these). We apologize for this requirement, but it was necessary to further ensure the security of your Centercode system.
  • Community View/Filter selections now include External Authentication IDs as a criteria.
  • Community View/Filter selections now include Team Types as a criteria.
  • An issue affecting Watch List "Edit" and "Comment" tallies has been corrected.
  • Fixed a rare issue with date display that could occur due to Daylight Savings Time changes.
  • Distributed Values assigned to a User that is later removed from the system no longer recycle back into the distribution pool (these are now permanently consumed once assigned, regardless of any User status changes).
  • User Imports of large batches of Users at once should now be much faster to execute and send E-mails.
  • The User Basic Information Web Service was changed to return active Users ahead of Inactive Users.
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