C12 Patch 4 Notes

We've just released our fourth patch for C12 and the build is getting better by the day. Here's a quick dive into the highlights of this patch, but you can use the links below to see the full bug fix list and a complete patch history:

  • Email previews now include an "Email Me a Preview" option, sending the current user a "live" version of the email for approval.
  • Cloning a Feedback Type now copies settings in that Feedback Type's Roles, and complete Workflow - not just the form and settings!
  • You can now drill into the results of Spreadsheet Report elements via clickable result summary text.
  • Building a complete report using shortcuts in Survey, Task, or Feedback Management now correctly defaults the intended form.
  • ...plus many other improvements and bug fixes!

Check out the complete C12 Patch History, including the detailed list for Patch 4, here.

If you have any feedback or questions regarding these changes, don't hesitate to reach out using the in-site chat or email us at help@centercode.com

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