C10 Patch 2 Notes

Patch 2 is complete for our latest Centercode release, and it contains the following list of additional bug fixes!

Bug Fixes

  • Preview functionality has been fixed for Feedback and Forum Reply discussion blocks.
  • File Alias functionality has been fixed for Forum Reply discussion blocks.
  • Filter heading (without Filter functionality) is no longer displayed on the Feedback splash page under matching conditions.
  • An issue that could occur when a hyphen was part of a site URL has been corrected.
  • Web Hooks and other HTTP Post operations now identify content transmitted as UTF-8, and receive response as UTF-8 encoded text.
  • Saving Forum Reply drafts with files will no longer result in looping page refresh issues. We are still seeing some extra drafts being generated in some cases (which we will be looking to address).
  • Unread button in Forums will now direct the user into the thread properly on mobile interface.
  • Ellipsis is now displaying properly on long navigation bar items within Forums.
  • Older versions of Internet Explorer will now accept file attachments on the new discussion interface.
  • Switching between mobile and desktop versions of Centercode while on mobile devices should now work consistently.
  • "# of Viewers" Feedback view column results will now correctly match the views within individual Feedback form history.
  • Filter and View results have been tuned, and will now be accurate for File Download status pulled from Content or Release.
  • Quote functionality in Feedback and Forums now properly includes text username or full name (based on project setting).
  • Country, State, and Local Geographic selections have been added back to User Filters and Views (when enabled for the Community profile).
  • Quoted Forum posts no longer trigger “Updated” email subject lines for followed Forums.
  • An issue causing the inactive user creation process to fail to send associated Emails has been corrected.

More Bug Fixes

These were added 8/25/14

  • User Macro Schedules are now utilizing their filters correctly and running again.
  • Forum Topics created by participants can once again be modified by the user.
  • Date and Time Distributed Value types now properly show up in User Management filter and view selections.
  • When utilizing preview and the returning to a Forum post for additional changes, drafts now function properly.
  • When previewing and then submitting a modified Forum post, Updated gets appended to associated Emails as intended.
  • A rare instance of lock/unlock on discussion blocks displaying an unusual message was corrected.
  • Missing file attachment block was added back to Forum Reply drafts when loaded without existing file.
  • Feedback Macros will once again add comments to the discussion block for matching forms.
  • The new discussion block in Feedback and Forums now supports drag open and/or scrolling (browser dependent).
  • An issue with data return from External Destination Feedback workflow including surrounding tags has been resolved.
  • An issue filtering on inactive user accounts in user management cropped up again, and was subsequently squashed!
  • Geographic user settings will no longer blank state and local levels when submitted.
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