C10 Patch 1 Notes

Patch 1 is complete for our latest Centercode release, and it contains the following list of improvements!

Duplicate Feedback Access

Based on popular request, we've made duplicate feedback (e.g. feedback which has been bound to other feedback as a child form) available in Feedback Management, Reporting, and Exporting.

Duplicate Feedback Notes:

  • A new Duplicates checkbox has been added to the Advanced Feedback and Feedback List pages. This appears to the right of the Archived checkbox.
  • This feature is available whenever the All Feedback Include option and either the Show Feedback List or Print Feedback Information action is selected.
  • When enabled, this will return Feedback that has been previously marked as Duplicate feedback in your results (in addition to active/primary feedback).
  • Duplicate items are indicated by a gray background in the leftmost column, and lighter text on all non-linked cells.
  • Duplicate feedback remains locked and may not be edited (therefore duplicate rows do not include checkboxes which would allow them to be processed via macros, mass feedback, etc.)

Base Theme Refresh

We have completed our visual refresh of all of the base visual themes included with the Centercode platform, resulting in a more modern and consistent interface across the entire platform. The following variants are now included in all Centercode implementations:

  • Centercode Basic Flat
  • Centercode Basic Flat Dark
  • Centercode Basic Flat Round
  • Centercode Basic Flat Round Dark
  • Centercode Gradient Flat
  • Centercode Gradient Flat Dark
  • Centercode Gradient Flat Round
  • Centercode Gradient Flat Round Dark

Theme Refresh Notes:

  • Flat variants use single colors (no gradients), while gradient variants include shading across the UI.
  • Flat variants provide a contemporary rigid look, while rounded variants included curved UI elements.
  • Dark variants include a black header area, useful for logos which look better on dark surfaces.
  • These themes are intended to utilize custom logos and colors via our existing Theme Management system.
  • We will continue to roll out new basic themes based on demand.
  • These changes do not impact implementations utilizing custom themes.

Bug Fixes

We have hammered out a number of pesky issues in this patch, and have more fixes to come soon!

  • Downloading .exe files using Internet Explorer will now recognize the file type properly.
  • A rare issue where a participant could inadvertently modify another participants forum post has been fixed.
  • The Community scope activity log available to Community Managers will no longer display an error message when drilling down into the log history.
  • An issue encoding hyphens in customer URLs will no longer lead to poor redirects.
  • Ellipsis are now used properly throughout the system (these were not displaying correctly on some pages).
  • The Forum display on the Project Overview tab has been adjusted to accommodate for longer Forum names.
  • External Destination E-mail will no longer contain non-ascii characters for Centercode URLs, which were leading to some external integration issues.
  • A couple of issues with the display of Feedback Advanced lists for Participant Teams have been resolved.
  • Single and Double column custom forms (user profiles, test platforms, surveys, feedback, project profiles) have been cleaned up and undergone a UI pass for consistency and layout.
  • The legacy Forums system has been adjusted to better display lengthy text.
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