Announcing Centercode's C14.5!

Data Enhancements and GDPR Compliance

With C14.5, Centercode adheres to GDPR's new data privacy legislation that affects any customer with testers in the EU. Centercode took this as an opportunity to greatly enhance our platform for the benefit of all of our customers. With this update, you'll find new:

  • Personal Data Fields
  • Digital Agreement Center
  • Empowered Opt-Out
  • Enhanced "Contact Us"
  • Project Leave
  • Consistent and Predictable Project Deletion
  • Customer-sourced bug fixes!

For more information on GDPR and data privacy in the context of Centercode and customer validation, check out our write-up at For GDPR-specific questions, email Watch our C14.5 Demo Webinar by CEO, Luke Freiler right here.

Review the C14.5 Release Guide (PDF) for additional details!

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