5. Beta Test Closure and Analysis

The final set of videos focuses on successfully closing a Beta Test.

 Here you'll find information regarding how to properly inform your testers of the completion of your Beta Test, thank them for participating, and how to capitalize on all your previous work to present an in depth analysis to your team via a comprehensive Closure Report.

  1. Project Platform Closure (07:45)
  2. Scoring and Incentives (08:09)
  3. The Closure Report (08:44)

After learning and experiencing the end-to-end process for planning, executing, and analyzing an effective Beta test, you should now be able to follow these steps for your future testing needs. As with any Customer Validation Program, you may need to adjust your processes to better align with your organizational objectives and requirements. For any inquiries or concerns, the Centercode Support Team is available via In-Site Chat or email.

Centercode Guided Training Modules

  1. Introduction to Customer Validation
  2. Program Planning & Setup
  3. Beta Test Planning & Configuration
  4. Beta Test Management
  5. Beta Test Closure & Analysis
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