4. Beta Test Management

Run your test with Centercode's testing methodology

The module focuses on successfully running a Beta Test using Centercode's proven Customer Validation methodology. Here you'll find valuable information on how to work with your testers to collect valuable feedback and how to analyze your results.

Centercode Beta Test Management Training

  1. Test Management Schedule (10:46)
  2. Feedback
    2.1. Feedback Filtering (12:16)
    2.2. Feedback Duplication (06:10)
  3. Standard Weekly Reports (09:59)
  4. Weekly Topic Surveys
    4.1. Topic Survey Analysis (10:29)
    4.2. Topic Survey Reporting (07:52)
  5. Tester Compliance (12:03)

Supplemental Assets and Documentation

When accessing these video resources and managing your individual Customer Validation projects, you'll utilize our provided Project Planning assets, linked here: Supplemental Documentation (Project).zip

If you have any issues assimilating what you've seen in these videos or need help with any of the concepts covered, the Centercode Support team is available to to assist you. Please contact us via In-Site Chat or email.

Centercode Guided Training Modules

  1. Introduction to Customer Validation
  2. Program Planning & Setup
  3. Beta Test Planning & Configuration
  4. Beta Test Execution
  5. Beta Test Closure & Analysis

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