2. Program Planning & Setup

This module focuses on understanding the requirements for building a successful Customer Validation Program. You'll utilize provided assets to plan and develop an efficient onboarding path for your users including demographic and technical profiles.

Centercode Community Training

  1. Introduction
    1.1.  Intro to the Community: Welcome! (10:18)
    1.2. Community Tools Tour (12:52)
  2. Planning
    2.1. Community Planning (pt.1) (13:10)
    2.2. Community Planning (pt.2) (06:31)
  3. Initialization
    3.1. Basic Community Settings and Theme (05:38)
    3.2. Teams and Roles (04:00)
    3.3. Profiles and Test Platforms (08:04)
    3.4. Content, Notices, and Email Templates (07:33)
    3.5. Onboarding (07:21)
    3.6. User Filters and Scoring (04:56)
  4. Community Recruitment
    4.1. Recruitment Campaign Strategies (pt.1) (10:38)
    4.2. Recruitment Campaigns via Centercode (pt.2) (11:30)
  5. Community Management
    5.1. Management Strategies (12:39)
    5.2. Platform Administration (11:25)

Supplemental Assets and Documentation

When accessing these video resources and strategizing your new Customer Validation community, you'll utilize our provided Community Planning assets, linked here: Supplemental Documentation (Community).zip

If you have any issues assimilating what you've seen in these videos or need help with any of the concepts covered, the Centercode Support team is available to assist you. Please contact us via In-Site Chat or email.

Centercode Guided Training Modules

  1. Introduction to Customer Validation
  2. Program Planning & Setup
  3. Beta Test Planning & Configuration
  4. Beta Test Management
  5. Beta Test Closure & Analysis